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Monday, January 28, 2008

Political - N.O.W. slams Kennedy for endorsing Obama

Why does a vote/nod for someone have to be against someone else? Kennedy's endorsement for Obama was not a vote against women, it was a vote against Hillary. There's a difference.

This is what wrote to the NY chapter of NOW

I think your organization has missed the point. Kennedy's endorsement was not AGAINST women it was FOR OBAMA. Why does it have to be black and white --- ooops - I guess it is.

Black men in America do not earn as much as white women much less white men. (check the census data if in doubt) So you cannot group black men in the same category as white men. They do not have the power to oppress white women. When the civil rights bill was passed by Johnson, women were included in that bill. Yet it was mostly black people that paid the price with their lives to get that bill passed. Too many black leaders were killed during that time in order to get that bill on the President's desk. And yet your candidate Hillary Clinton dismissed this fact in her statements about King and Johnson. When black folks win EVERY minority group wins! History tells us that this is a fact. I was not against Hillary, I was just for Obama (I was secretly hoping that they both would end up on the same ticket - then I could get a BOGO) but Hillary's tactics have eliminated even the hope for that possibility. (Photo Credit: AP)

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