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Sunday, January 27, 2008


1992 - 2000
Bill and Hillary have already had 8 years
  • They left office with a surplus, but listen people that’s not always good – not for a government.
    • What programs could have been reinstated from the Reagan/Bush era that were not?!?
  • The economy was good for the most part because of Silicon Valley and the PC/internet boom
  • They had an opportunity to pass health care reform…
  • They had an opportunity to reform immigration
  • They had an opportunity to make sure that Social Security and Medicare were sustainable
  • They had an opportunity to institute an energy plan

THEY FAILED ON ALL COUNTS and now they want 8 more years?!?!?
What kind of experience is Hillary talking about? THE EXPERIENCE OF FAILURE?

(some ideas garnered from

1992 2000
Fresh from Harvard law Barack Obama took a job at a law firm and became a civil rights attorney helping community organizations. He then sat on the Illinois state senate for 2 terms (he was reelected for a 3rd term in 2002 – but I guess that ‘ole state senate don’t count as no kinda experience) He was able to make substantial head way in getting legislation changed to favor civil liberties. Most notable to me:

o after finding out how many death row inmates were later found innocent he succeeded in getting all interrogations and confessions videotaped.

o He was able to pass bipartisan legislation in Illinois that expanded healthcare to over 150,000 more people including 70,000 children

There is a list of successes that mirror the needs of the nation – he has the experience – the RIGHT kind of experience – that is the experience of success!!

Now it comes down to this, and Caroline Kennedy, daughter of the late President John F. Kennedy said it a bit more eloquently when she noted the similarities between Barack and her father in today’s New York Times:

Senator Obama and Senator Clinton basically are the same on all of the issues, they vary on how to get there and who is right is a matter of opinion since most of the means have not been tried.

After the issues have been settled it comes down to:

  1. Integrity
  2. Character
  3. Leadership skills
  • Which one is genuine and which one takes 1% truth rapped in 99% lies?
  • Which one plants people in the audience to ask question and denies it until caught?
  • Which one is more divisive?
  • True leadership is the ability to put differences aside and rally support for what is right, true, and just.
  • Which do you think can truly lead?

The answer is clear. There is no more time for indecisiveness. February 5th is fast upon us and we need to make sure everyone around us knows the truth and understands who these two candidates truly are. The choice is clear, the time is now. Do not miss your opportunity to change the course of the planet.

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