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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Exelon, Barack, Clinton and Penn

Even as Sen. Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign was blasting Sen. Barack Obama for his ties to the Exelon Corporation, the firm of Mark Penn, Clinton's chief strategist, was earning hundreds of thousands of dollars from the very same nuclear energy giant. (click the title for full article)


Interestingly, what Sen. Clinton does not tell the media is the very bill that she is accusing Sen. Obama of watering down and making "back room deals" is the bill that SHE CO-SPONSORED. hmmmmm....

Desperation manifests itself in many different forms. It is my belief that a persons character is most amplified and revealed when under pressure. This example was given to me by a professor in my past. "On my way to work one day I see a school bus and it has had an accident, plus it's on fire. I'm late for work. What choices do I make? Do I stop? Do I just call 911 on my cell? Let's say I choose to stop. At that point I'm putting the lives of the people on that bus ahead of my own. Do I actually go on the bus or do I call from the outside asking if they need help? Let's say I choose to go on the bus which is in flames. Do I just rescue a few children near the front or do I rescue them all? Do I step over other kids to reach the African American kids first? Every choice that I make says something about my character.

Senator Clinton has had choices to make. Though the pundits say that she is not behind in the national poles, the voters have said otherwise. She and her camp believed that they would have the nomination locked after February 5th's "super Tuesday". However, the voters said otherwise. Now Barack has won the last 8 primaries and caucuses. Clinton is under pressure, what has she chosen to do? Instead of highlighting all of the great things she has done for America, or touting what she will do, or perhaps even contrasting her methods vs. Obama's; she has chosen to distort, exaggerate, or neglect the truth.

This says something about her character...If she had so much to offer the American people, we would recognize it. This is not the Kennedy/Nixon match-up where Nixon's homely looks could not compare to the movie star appeal of JFK. Hillary is a nice looking lady, yet something is missing. People are not connecting. Most of the folks that I've spoken with and who are voting for her are not doing so because they are excited about what she will be able to do. They simply don't think Barack has enough experience yet - they're doing the lesser of the evils voting method.

Well I've already spoken on the experience issue and will not revisit it here. However, it's a sad testimony. I don't know about you but I'm tired of just having a choice of the lesser of the evils. I think we deserve better than that. I think we deserve a President we can respect and Hillary is not that person.

I'm not voting for Barack because "he's at least better than Hillary". I'm voting for Barack because he's who our nation needs today.

Check out the facts about the lies told against my candidate here:

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