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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Michelle Obama - is finally REALLY proud of her country

Rhetoric: "...for the first time in my adult life I am really proud of my country..." - Michelle Obama

I've been reading other's blogs, and it sounds like the unpatriotic witch hunts that happened earlier this century. Those would have been started by GW Bush -- anyone who was against the war was unpatriotic. I know at least a few talk show hosts that lost their jobs because of their stance. And now here we are 5 years later and most would agree that the war was a mistake. All but John McCain and Hillary Clinton.

We know what Mrs. Obama's intent was. For me, I've always been proud of my son, but the day he graduates I will REALLY be proud of my son. She's been proud of her country but these days when it appears that we've gotten past racial divides she is REALLY proud of her country.
You know the media focuses on such petty stuff. Is this more important than Clinton not releasing her tax documents or intentions for earmarks?!? Is this more important than the fact that McCain says no new taxes, voted against Bush's tax reductions twice and now has decided he won't repeal those tax reductions? is this more important than being at war for 100 years, or singing BOMB BOMB BOMB BOMB BOMB IRAN?!?!?!

If Hillary had said it I'd be saying the same thing. I don't care about such trivialities, show me your tax returns!!!

Come on people, wake up. Mrs. Obama has already said that she is the personification of the American Dream - poor girl goes to Princeton and Harvard. That statement implies pride in her country.

I bet the same people who are "outraged" are the same people who said that folks who spoke out against the war are unpatriotic. Let's stick to the issues.

Please tell me how would this statement make your life better or worse if Sen. Obama were elected? Seems to me that if in fact she meant what some of the bloggers are saying then she would work really hard to make this a country that everyone could be proud of. And that would make everyone's life better.

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