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Saturday, February 16, 2008

I offer solutions while he offers talk (or rhetoric)

I challenge readers to go to each of the candidates websites, including McCain. Click the tab called issues and read how they plan to deal with various concerns.

Just to give you an example: on Education Barack Obama has summarized his plan in 18 pages, with details on what he will do. Hillary's plan is 1 page which is 1/2 bullet points (they take up more room when you're trying to fill space) McCain's plan is about a page. Both plans are missing a lot of the "hows".
  • Hillary has said nothing about how she will attract better talent to the teaching field
  • McCain is still trying to push "no child left behind" which marginalizes our students and compels teachers to simply teach to the test
  • Finally McCain will be pushing the voucher system which will leave the working poor without the ability to choose private over public schools, and will also leave less money to bring inner-city schools up to par with suburban schools.
Once again the media has failed us. They're only reporting what the candidate's political strategist tell them to report. Most people will not take the time to dig up the truth. I must - this is my country and I refuse to be bamboozled or hoodwinked.

We still need folks to do some phone banking, you can do it from your home. I've committed to making 5 calls per night. (which is a sacrifice for me since I'm a full time student, and working mom)

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