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Saturday, February 2, 2008

I am Overwhelmed by the possibility of Barack Obama

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I'm old enough to have voted for Ronald Reagan, George Bush, Bill Clinton and GW Bush. And never before within my memory have I seen so many people passionate about the political process; passionate about a candidate; passionate about the future of our country. I reckon that some folks are looking around astounded by the tidal wave that they see moving forward. I mean, who would've guessed that this man, Barack Obama, would inspire millions to come out, to change parties, to get involved.

Some had the foresight -- I've met them. I am ashamed to say that I was not one of them. The interesting thing that I've found is that Obama supporters are so much more passionate than any others. I can't read people's mind, but I can read their actions - and by this I make my claim. The other thing that I've noticed is that people who are against Barack tend to be vicious with their attacks - committing character assasination with of course, lies. Obama supporters by in large don't do that. Interesting...

When I think about the possibility that Barack Hussein Obama could be President of the United States I am overwhelmed. I get tears in my eyes, because I never thought I would live to see the day when in African American could be president of the United States. When I look at my community and I see how far we have to go to eliminate the pain, and heal from 400+ years of slavery -- 400+ years of protracted abject oppression - I forget that there are those of us who have moved on.

The other thing that I find interesting is that it took an African American not raised by an African American to do it. Why is this significant, why does it make a difference? Because most African Americans suffer from what is referred to as Cultural Incest; which is a culture that feeds on and proliferates from the worst that that culture has to offer. Some of us suffer from it to lesser degree than others. But I have yet to meet a black person raised by a black person, that does not suffer from it. It is the result of slavery -- the type of slavery that only we have endured. The type of slavery (unlike the Jews) that strips a people from everything that makes them unique -- their culture, language, traditions, etc. Then dumps them 400 years later without an iota of a sense of community or an idea on how to be self sufficient. Barack is not saddled with this baggage. Oh sure, he has probably been called all the names we've been called, and from time to time treated the way we've been treated; but he has not had the poisons of oppression passed down to him from those who were supposed to protect and nurture him. He has not had those generational curses passed on to him.

I believe that by Barack becoming President, it will help us as a community heal from some of that poison. We may begin to hope again. There will be those that will fight it. There will be those of us who are afraid and will say that he's not ready or they'll look for one mistake he may make and say "see, I knew he couldn't do it." These are the symptoms of Cultural Incest. These are the poisons passed down from generation to generation that does not say "YES WE CAN", but "No we can't" and "I won't let you either".

Don't let those nay-sayers get in the way of truth. Don't let those nay-sayers prevent healing within the community. We have to stop looking for a white person to heal us, to help us. Hillary Clinton cannot and will not do it. Barack Obama, with God of course, can do it and will do it. WE ARE NOT CRABS IN A BARRELL. We are part of the greatest civilization on the planet and it's time that we step up and take our rightful place in this world.

DON'T BE BAMBOOZLED or hoodwinked by the power machine. They want us to remain subservient and to depend upon them for our sense of self, for our existence. Foolish people. They don't realize that a stronger African American community equals a stronger America.

Please people, please. See the hope, look beyond self doubt and the past. Look forward to the possibilities - he's brought us this far it's time for us to make it the rest of the way.

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