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Friday, February 22, 2008

I for one am VERY proud to be an American

Well I for one am very proud to be an American, gosh I don't know what's wrong with that tacky Michelle Obama.
I was proud when my nephew went to Afganistan and my sister in law had to buy him a kevlar (sp?) vest out of her own money
I was proud when our president said that we have WMD's then papers came out proving he was planning to go to Iraq at the first opportunity
I was proud when Rumsfeld told the soldiers who were digging up scrap metal to protect their unarmored Humvees that "you go to war with the army you have not the army you want"
I was proud when our president was reading a book (upside down) to kids at the elementary school while terrorist ran OUR airplanes into the WTC
I was proud when our President was impeached and disbarred for lying because he had some woman sucking his #$*(*#&
I was proud when Bush sent our men over to Afghanistan and they came back with weird cancers (my brother did!!!)
I was proud when Reagan started to dismantle the middle class with his trickle down theory voodoo economics
I was proud when jimmy carter allowed our people to become hostages in Iran
I was proud when nixon was ALSO GOT CAUGHT LYING and was impeached
I was proud as we threw sticks at the poor service men coming home from Vietnam
I was proud when they shot MLK
I was proud when they shot Bobby Kennedy
I was proud when they shot JFK
I was proud when then shot my brothers and sister who marched through the streets of the south for freedom
I was proud for 100 years that we've spent in servitude in the south while our young men were lynched and hung from trees
I was extremely proud when we nuked Nagasaki and Hiroshima instead of Germany
I was proud for the 300+ years prior to that that my people were enslaved -- that means FREE LABOR that was stolen which made this country able to become so wealthy
I was proud when they separated the children from their parents and severed families
I was proud when they ended slavery and took a people that had no sense of community and dumped by the side of the road and said go figure it out (and still we stand)
I was proud when the ships came into the harbor carrying my brothers and sister in shackles
and I'm still proud when I go in to urban america and see how schools that have children of color have less resources than suburban schools
and I'm proud that my family gets to choose where to live based on how the police treat black people
and I'm proud when members of my VERY WELL EDUCATED family get thrown on the ground and handcuffed because they "look like some one who..."

FORGIVE ME IF I SOUND A LITTLE ANGRY I'm actually very happy and proud to be an AMERICAN!!!!


Mike's America said...

Sounds like you'd be happier living in the workers paradise of North Korea.

TheUrbanRevolution said...

When I posted my diatribe on another board I received the same type of comment. Only that one said, "The Jews built their own country". Which shows you how well are education system is teaching America's kids. Well my response to Mike is the same as my response to the previous responder.
African Americans have been here longer than most -- yet we have the least. We help build this country and we're not going ANYWHERE. Some of my colleagues trace their ancestors arrival back as little as 2 generations. Well African Americans have been here 400 years!
Listen people, if we can not look at our country objectively and voice its faults - then how will anything ever change?
I mean, I love my child but he isn't perfect! He has faults that I recognize and I try and find a way to help him realize it and correct them. Does that mean I love him any less?!?! NO!

We have to eliminate the notion that criticism of America means one is anti-patriotic etc