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Thursday, February 28, 2008

A Letter to the Republican Party and any other anarchists

You still to do not realize that this time is different? That this time we're not going to accept business as usual? This time we're paying attention and we don't like what we see! We will not tolerate inflammatory, divisive rhetoric.

It is amazing to me that the party that claims to be a part of the 'moral majority' are acting so contrary to that. You coddle and idolize people like Karl Rove who even against his own fellow Repubs., will race-bait. As he did by passing around pictures of McCain's adopted child and calling her McCain's illegitimate black child.

So, is this the change that we can expect from the Republican party? Is this the change that McCain, who now embraces Rove, speaks of? Or better question, is this really who America is?

Are we an America that decides if one of our own disagrees with us then they are fair game to demonize? If so, then how are we any better than common criminals or better yet, how are we any better than the Taliban or other terrorist groups? Oh what, because we don't physically kill people? Well contrary to what Clinton believes, words are powerful and you can kill with them.

I believe we're better than that. WE HAVE YET to live up to the words of our founding fathers - AS LONG AS A GROUP IN AMERICA IS OPPRESSED - we are FAILING.

Be a part of the solution, not the problem.

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